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Search for UK places that you are interested in!
  • Watch places and sent short messages like TXT's to communicate!

  • Do an Andvanced Searches and Change you profile to match Places that don't exactly MATCH your requirements!

  • Only give your PHONE No. when you are ready! No messy phone message!

Find or Let - Student Rooms, Roomshare and Houseshare

Need a place to rent or you have a room to rent out?

Well yChatter is the answer to your problems allowing you to list properties or search for places! We are different to the other Flatshare sites as we  allow you to Watch Properties you are interested in and Message them for Free! No strings attached!

We shortlist places that match your profile!

Sorry no CREDIT CARDS are accepted as we are TOTALLY FREE!

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How the Process Works to find

Student Rooms, Roomshare or a Houseshare:

  • Sign Up and create a profile on what you want in your next flatshare!
  • We match you to properties that match your profile!
  • Search the matched properties and Watch properties you are interested in!
  • Any properties you Watch you will be able to sent short messages to - similar to txts :)
  • Book a viewing to check the place out!
  • If you don't like the place! Decline it, without even giving your phone number until you are ready!
  • Accept the Place when the place is Offered to you and then move in
yChatter is new and it puts you in total control of the next place you move into! Specifically designed for people on the Go!

It’s never been so easy to find student rooms, a houseshare or even a roomshare!

Sign up Now and start searching!

PS Is totally free