Increased Number of Couples Seeking an Accommodation Share

Accommodation Share - yChatterWithin the last year or so, the price to pay rent has pretty much skyrocketed throughout the entire world because there are not enough places to rent to go around. Given that there are not enough places for people to rent, the prices on flats just keeping going higher and higher, so an accommodation share is the only alternative.  In fact, singles aren’t the only ones looking for an accommodation share and housemates to share the cost with, but couples are searching for others to split the price tag as well. Sometimes couples willrent out a room in their apartment to someone else, or they may even split up the place to offer equal space to everyone involved.

A person might think that it would be cheaper for couples to simply rent out a one-bedroom place to cut down on costs, but on average, couples can spend about £200 less on their residence if they get an accommodation share rather than go it alone. This is a savings of almost £3,000 a year on top of other ways they can save money too, like on utilities and council taxes.

An accommodation share is definitely a good way for couples to save money, however, they need to be smart when choosing a roommate. Living with someone can be tricky, and if you do not feel a person out before you live with them, then you may run into issues later on. So make sure to ask the right questions with potential roommates, such as what are your sleeping habits, are you messy or do you like to keep things clean, what is your work schedule, and what is your personality like? By asking these questions, you will get a good indication on whether or not your potential roommate will be a good fit for your accommodation share.

Of course being a couple and living in an accommodation share probably does not seem like the most ideal living situation, but if you do it right, you can save a lot of money and not feel pressured month to month to make the rent.

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