The Do’s and Don’ts When Looking for an Easy Housemate

easy housemateAs we all know, there is no such thing as perfect housemate, so do not waste your time finding this person. You can focus instead on finding an easy housemate – someone you can co-exist with harmoniously for most of the time. However, this easy housemate is not very easy to find. If your search for an easy housemate has been unsuccessful, this post is for you. Read on to find out what to look for in a person and how to treat him or her once he or she has already moved in to the flat.

Here are some guidelines that you should and should not do when finding an easy housemate to share your flat with.



Advertise the Best Features of Your Flat

This can attract many people and make your search for an easy housemate a lot faster. Take photos of the highlights of your flat and be as creative and detailed as possible with the description. Indicate the transportation routes that are within the area and the gender of the flatmate that you prefer. Also, include the rental fee your potential roommate has to pay as well as other expenses such as water, electricity, and internet fees. With regard to the rental fee, it is best to know the standard rate in your area; if the rate you advertise is too low, you might have problems paying the rent but if it is too high, your potential housemates might turn away.


Get to Know Your Potential Roommate

Once you have posted the advertisement, you will be contacted by numerouspeople. Make a shortlist based on your preferences (age, habits, gender, hobbies, personality, etc.) and then set an interview with those who have made it to the final cut. Inquire about their lifestyle and ask for identification cards and reference lists before accepting him or her as your new room buddie.


Set the Rules

Rules are necessary for people to live peacefully, especially if you want to have an easy housemate. Have a discussion with the other person and create the rules you need to adhere to strictly. Talk about the splitting of expenses and house chores, the maximum allowed volume of television, radio, etc., the number of guest that you can bring and how long they can stay, privacy issues, and others. Of course, there will be times when one of you has to break these rules; it would be better if you also discuss the exceptions to these rules.


Be an Easy Housemate Yourself

When you are looking for an easy housemate, you also have to look at yourself and determine whether you yourself are an easy housemate. Expecting the other person to be nice and friendly and while you act like a diva is totally unfair and for sure, no one will want to share a flat with you. Be considerate and respect your housemate if you want to be respected. When he or she is sick, you have to understand that he or she cannot do his or her part in the house chores. Do not be angry nor force him or her to clean the house or cook dinner. Instead, be an easy housemate and do the chores; he or she will appreciate it for sure.

Now, let us go to the things you must not do when looking for an easy housemate.



Do Not Be with Anyone whose Personality Clashes with Yours

Do not settle for anyone who has a personality that you dislike because you are thinking that he or she might change and become an easy housemate eventually. Living with a person you do not like may end in bitter arguments and big troubles so don’t even think about doing it.


Do Not Expect that You Will Be the Best of Friends

He or she may be an easy housemate and a very pleasant person but never expect that since you live together, you two will be inseparable even outside the flat. Yes, you can be friends but do not expect that he or she will single you out as his or her only friend in the world. It would be beneficial for the both of you to maintain your own circle of friends.


Do Not Wait for Your Resentment to Explode

Your roommate may be an easy housemate but there will come a time when he or she does something you do not like, and if this happens, address it as soon as possible to prevent negative emotions from piling up. Become a nice and easy housemate by discussing issues as soon as they arise in order to prevent big fights from occurring.


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